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Petri Firenze


The use of horns to create unique collections is another characteristic trait of the artisan Petri company. Ox zebu, mutton and deer horns also enable the company to create unusual items, full of magic.

They are naturally elegant materials, capable of surprising with a myriad of different nuances: they can be admired in their simple beauty or they can be shaped into new objects, highlighting the horn’s warmth and chromatic varieties. As with all the Petri workshop processes, the material used is obtained with the utmost respect of nature, as evidenced by the various certifications that accompany each product made with these materials.

Horn table lamp , nikel plated metal with black shade

Hammered champagne bucket, silver plated metal with horn handles

Hammered Bowl , silver plated metal,with horn handles and table lamp, nikel plated metal, with shade

Picture frame in sterling silver and horn mosaic

Horn silver plated metal candlestick

Hammered Bowl , silver plated metal, with horn handles and double horn silver plated metal candlestick

Hammered Oval stand horn bowl, silver plated metal

Black horn hookends on nikel plated metal base

Hammered squared Tray with horn handles, silver plated metal


Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020