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Petri Firenze


Ancient shells, plants trapped in stone, strange shellfish fossils dating back to tens or hundreds of millions of years ago: all elements that take us back to a very distant past, full of fascination and mystery, that become part of our daily lives, thanks to unusual and suggestive furnishing accessories.

The artisan Petri company also uses fossils to create original collections that transform a corner of a living room or a part of an office into a small and precious museum. Again, as for wood, horn and corals, environmental awareness and the sourcing of materials is high. Each object is certified, and the purchase of materials is in strict compliance with the Washington Convention (Cites) which regulates this type of export.

Centerpiece with fossil wood and sterling silver decoration

Fossil shell table lamp on nikel plated metal base with chinette shade

Bookends pair with fossil shell and nikel plated sea decoration and base

Ammonite on nickl plated brass base

Table lamp, nikel plated metal, with fossil wood and crepon shade

Fossil shell pairs on silver or gold plated metal base


Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020